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Submit Your Awesome 3D Artwork!

This is a message for Semester 4’s Limkokwing’s student Bachelor of Art (Hons) Creative Multimedia 2012.

It’s been really chilling to just see a lot of peeks during our class sessions but didn’t have the chance to really see the final complete artwork from you guys.

Therefore I would like to collect and display all of your amazing 3D artworks in one place. This is where people can come and appreciate it through this no-barrier world of internet.

Submit your 3D files with texture to me

I would be please to help you do all the things for you in order to display your 3D design on my blog. To do that, just follow this tutorial:

  1. Put your 3D (.max) file and all textures in one folder
  2. Rename the folder to your name
  3. Zip it (right click >> send to >> compressed)
  4. Sent to my email – me[at]

Or if you insist to do it by yourself, you can do following the tutorial provided below:

Please submit your artwork in few poses

Thus, I would like you guys to fulfill this submission by sending a few poses of your 3D character as following references.

So, you got the idea now how to do? Good. Next I will teach you how you can save your artwork in desirable format (the one that I need).

Submit in PNG (alpha) format

All the above poses I listed should be submit in PNG format which the background should be transparent.

As I would like to give it a same plain background, so just leave it transparent for me and let me do the rest for you. Below is how you can save the file in PNG format.

#1 Un-select ‘Renderable’ for your bones

If you have already put bones for your character (like me – below), you can either hide the bone OR you can set it to – NOT RENDERABLE from the Object Properties. This will make the bone visible in your view port but will not appear when you render it.

So to do that, first you need to select your bone >> right click >> select ‘Object Properties’

You will notice that your bone is Renderable (because the properties is ticked). To disable this, just un-ticked the option.

#2 Setting up your rendering properties

To do this, you will first need to activate the Render Setup window. Click ‘Render Setup’ icon on the top right navigation bar.

Release the ‘aspect ratio’ by clicking the ‘pad lock’ icon as below. You will notice that now you can adjust the number that appear on that bar.

Next, set the size of your output canvas size to 1000×1500.

After you finish set everything, you can close the window.

 #3 Resize your character to the biggest (filling the entire canvas)

To do this, you just scroll your middle scroll button until the size will fit the entire output canvas when you render it (F9).

If you want to know as if your character already filling the entire output canvas is by pressing F9 button (Render Production) and you can see the end result as below. Ignore the black background as t will be the alpha channel when you save later.

You also notice that the bones also didn’t appear as you already disable it earlier.

#4 Save into .PNG format

And finally, click the ‘save’ button on top left corner of the render production window.

Name the file that you want to save and select ‘PNG Image File (*.png)’ from the dropdown menu in ‘Save as type’ bar.

That is all! You just complete the tutorial!

Zipped and sent to my email

And as to conclude, let me put it in points:

  1. Copy everything (all materials above that you already save in PNG format) into a folder
  2. Rename the folder to your name
  3. Zip it (right click >> send to >> compressed)
  4. Sent to my email – me[at]


Hopefully we could gather all artworks as soon as possible so that we can publish it earlier! I’m so eager to see these amazing compilation! 😉

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