Komuniti Pereka tempatan yang bersahaja. Bukan group design biasa-biasa.

Similarity in poster trend for year 2012

This year 2012, features a lot of awesome movies. I consider this year is the awesome movies bundle you can ever bought. And unfortunately I already see the line-up of movies which will be aboard by next year which makes it another awesome year full of great movies.

That’s not our main topic here where I found a great source of info from a website which featuring the new-old-editing-poster-style done this year. I don’t know. It’s an old or new technic but all their producers seems to have the same taste this year. Yummy.

After examined, majority of these best movies line-up are using the same spices in their promotion posters. Here’s the combination:

  1. Flying debris
  2. Cloudy background
  3. Sparks
  4. Weapon in hand

Don’t try this at home. Next year. Try to do something different.


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