Komuniti Pereka tempatan yang bersahaja. Bukan group design biasa-biasa.

Web UI/UX: change button position

Unfortunately I can’t show you the previous buttons arrangement – to show how they looks like before. As this is my first post about it. So hopefully next time if they change, we could study about the design as we got the first reference now. 😉

E-commerce website is really crucial in delivering message to the audience. As if your design fail, you will definitely unable audience to search for information about your products thus lead to no-sales for the month.

Whatsoever, that is why I personally like the new positioning and how the response of the button themselves.

You can feel the button

Now the button become responsive by hovering your cursor on-to it. This is truly important if you would like somebody to know that the button is functioning. Previous it wasn’t but it still applicable as they use quite large design. Impossible for anybody to not find it.

The position save more spaces

I just can tell you that previously the button was positioned at the right side of the information. Both buttons line up as what most e-commerce website does. I never imagine by position them in a line like that can actually save more spaces.

The grey in-boxing highlight the information

The other new features (not sure if it’s available previously) is there is box / barrier in grey which by purpose separated the important point of the product from the long details present for the product. This is truly brilliant in highlighting the most important product information from the rest.

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