Komuniti Pereka tempatan yang bersahaja. Bukan group design biasa-biasa.

The Dancing Dead (The Walking Dead parody)

Some other day, some other time, some crazy dude will just appear

This is one crazy production I would say. Haha. I was having fun watching it and if they are about to make film about it, seriously I will watch this comedy.

This is some art

This is quite a masterpiece as for a short film, they really care about the quality of each footage, and the angle used are awesomely without any flaws (as I didn’t detect any until now).

Let’s watch the video by JustKiddingFilms

I admire! Because I did and I fail

Why I really admire the quality and the effort put on this masterpiece? Because until now, I already did about 3 (three) short film which range from a 3 to 5 minutes movie.

And I fail. Sigh.. what an amateur creation. Which I would never upload and show them to anybody. Because they are bad. Huhu..

Anyway, we will review a lot more creative arts in video productions after this. Adios amigos!



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